Jul 142006

I gave a talk “The Real Nature of the Emerging Attention Economy: Seen As a New Level in the Massively Multiplayer Game Known as Western Culture, ” at BayCHI* on Tuesday July 11. A version of the keynote presentation– JUST THE “SLIDES,” NO SOUND– with a few added explanations, can now be seen as a pdf . [A quicktime movie is also available (just slides without sound) if you want to see something more like a Keynote (or Powerpoint) presentation. It takes about a minute to download, and then you click (with your mouse) through it.]

* (footnote repeated from July 12 below) BayCHI is the (S.F.) Bay Area chapter of the ACM’s [Association of Computing Machinery’s] largest “SIG” [Special Interest Group] – on Computer-Human Interaction, or “CHI.”

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